Friday, 14 December 2012

Corporate intrusion in education has been mapped

The Innosight Institute has created an online map to help you find what corporations are finding their way into education.

The Institute was created by some academics, including Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen.  Christensen was the author of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns.
The map is a “the map is a graphical, interactive representation of the burgeoning K-12 education technology market designed to help investors, donors, and entrepreneurs better evaluate today’s landscape of education technology ventures.”

The intention clearly is to assist those who want to “disrupt education,” as they describe it, by bringing business into the schools, particularly technology corporations.  Innosight pats itself on the back because they “continue to make inroads among policymakers and other influential stakeholders.”
Christensen is also a principal in Innosight Ventures.  It is a venture capital company that “identifies, incubates, and funds ventures that fit the patterns of disruptive innovation.”

Want to know which corporations are offering online education?  The K-12 education technology market map will tell you.
Want to build a “data warehouse”?  How about Learning Management Systems?  You can find all this and more on the education technology market map.

These extended lists of education technology corporations give a sense of how big a business education has become.  More technology.  More corporate intrusions.  You can find the map here.

The Innosight website can be found here.

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